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Romans Throw Jews Out of Home in Israel:
Create Palestine Story
Picture from Beth Hatefutsoth

Arch of Titus in Rome: Titus destroys the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem. Takes Jews into exile. Jews Did Not Kill Jesus: Christian Bible's True Confessions is another attempt in this site to free Jews from another Holocaust recurring against Jews & the State of Israel.


video Christian speech Arabs Israel Video: The Forgotten Jewish
Refugees from Arab Countries

jews arab lands video
JULY 7, 2009 - “… I am very much hurt,” the Iraqi Jewish refugee in this video declares of the Arab world’s pillage, pogrom, & dispersion of Jews Arab countries-a people that preceded Islam & the Arabs. Why does most of the world forget “the Jewish refugees” from Arab countries?
Conscious and unconscious anti-Semitism pervades the Israel-Arab war. The roots of this deep-seated disease infect most people. For details discover the roots of this deep-seated disease at:; Jews Trial of Jesus Is Impossible: NT Breaks Jewish Law & Islam: Unbelievers, Die or Change Your Religion. Unjust Treatment for Women, Christians and Jews


  Lands for Peace:-
The War on Israel
  Lands for Peace:
The War on Israel
  Good Works - Public
Press Center Media Watch
  IL: Archaeology Proves Israel is the True Owner of the Land - Not Palestinian Arabs
  MFA.GOV.IL: The Temples of Jerusalem in Islam
  anti-semitism cancer, Qatar. Dr. Kedar  of Bar Ilan University in Israel on Jerusalem and Islam

anti-semitism cancer videoMemriTV: Muslim Priest Tells Children about Glories of Child Martyrdom in Early Islam

  anti-semitism cancer videoUN Watch Testfies at U.S. Congress on Human Rights
  DanielPipes.Org- Prepare to Attack Iran
  anti-semitism cancer videoAl-Arabiya TV, Dubai- Arabs for Israel: Nonie Darwish
  WashingtonPost.Com  Israel: a Miracle at age 60: It’s crime: just living
  Israel Holocaust Museum: Yad Vashem- the Jewish Memorial to the Murdered Six Million

Study ethics. Reason, free thinking, & a scientific approach surprise us with a lack of truth in the education & values of the world’s big religions. This leads to practices that are not sound: a threat to peace: and finally war. What is wrong?

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