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Jews Did Not Kill Jesus:

Christian Bible's True Confessions

by Dan Allen............................................................

Incompatible differences and contradictions in the trial and crucifixion of Jesus, and in the ethics and the theology of the New Testament, cast severe doubt on the blame of Jews for the murder of Jesus.  

Yet centuries of repeating the wrong & baseless accusation of "Christ-killers" against the Jews left an evil mark. Untouched by all advancements of science and reason, the accusation is still the truth in the Christian gospels crime against humanity.

The sad part of all this is, many nonbelievers, secular people, and Jews are, also, "unconsciously culturally conditioned" by the constant repetition of this baseless and unjust slander.

The sin the four Gospels cause in "bearing false witness" against the Jews created the "roots" for centuries of persecution and murder of Jesus' kinsmen, the Jews.  This crime in many ways, as we shall see, in many ways resembles Cain’s murder of his brother Abel in the Jewish Bible. Christian values in the same way influenced people to kill their elder Jewish brothers.

Centuries of pogroms and oppression of Jews finally reached its peak in the murder of 6,000,000 Jews during the "Holocaust."

Today, this crime continues with a conscious or unconscious attempt to crucify Israel, the Jew of the nations, for the unjust charge of "God- killing.

The peace and freedom of the Middle East and the rest of the World is now at stake over this moral wrong.

Five Arab wars of extermination were lodged against Israel. Yet, most countries in the world, secular or otherwise, who are, consciously or unconsciously,  influenced by Christian values, bully the tiny nation of Israel to unjustly give up land  to its attempted Arab murderers, with no end in sight.

No nation in the world gave so much in return for more wars of extermination and terrorism.  

The threat of an eventual nuclear war between the Arabs and Israel is not unlikely. Many countries have forebodings of Armageddon, about all this. They feel that this war may eventually engulf the whole world and is an eminent threat sitting at our doorsteps.

Constant and vigilant education of people on the truth about this subject is, therefore necessary to achieve justice, freedom, peace, and liberty from our "mental chains."

To do this, people influenced by Christian values, must clean up the NT of allegations of Christ killing and question values and assumptions that are simply not true in order to direct their actions to love rather than hate.

Quite appropriately, then, several questions arise, about the untrue charge of "Christ-killing",

What are examples of the conflicting trial stories in the entirely "human and not divine," accounts of the four Gospels, of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, in the New Testament?

Descent of the Cross,
17th Century
Peter Paul Ruben

Rubens' tragic but beautiful picture of Jesus’ descent from the cross repeats centuries of the unjust & untrue story of "Christ-killers" aimed against the Jews.  

This charge reached its peak in the “Holocaust” in World War II when 6 Million Jews were murdered. Repeated attempts to demonize and exterminate the tiny nation of Israel are a continuation of  this baseless act of  revenge.

The New Testament must totally be cleaned up of this charge. The earth can no longer contain the cries of the human blood spilled in defiance of the commandment, “Thou shalt love thy neigbour as thyself.”

Why do very few Bible study teachers point to the inconsistencies and wrongs of the Christian Bible in the Jewish trial of Jesus?

Jewish authorities conduct a Passover night trial in Matthew 26:59-66 and Mark 14:55-64; a morning trial in Luke 22:66-71, and a pre-Passover night trial in John 8:19-29.

 Is it because the students will then ask, how can the same trial truly occur in the morning and at night during Passover and before Passover?


The inconsistencies and wrongs in the Jewish trial of Jesus are:

  • The Jewish authorities conduct a Passover night trial in Matthew 26:59-66 and Mark 14:55-64; a morning trial in Luke 22:66-71, and a pre-Passover night trial in John 8:19-29. The same trial, of course, cannot truly occur in the morning and at night, during Passover and before Passover.

Conflicting accounts of this nature places believers in the Bible as the "word of God" in the religiously unacceptable position of declaring God to be an unjust self-contradictory liar!

As if this were not enough, the Jewish interrogation at the trial is, irritatingly conducted by entirely different authorities:

  • A trial before the Jewish Sanhedrin or Supreme Court apparently occurs in Matthew 26:59-66 and Mark 14:55-64.

  • The same trial occurs in the presence of a lower level Council composed of Jewish elders, chief Priests, and scribes in (Luke 22:66-71. No mention of a Sanhedrin or Supreme Court occurs in almost all versions of the NT. The Roman Catholic version in the New Jerusalem Bible, however, mentions a Sanhedrin, as an editorial addition to the Bible itself.

  • As for John, a Sanhedrin or Council does not even exist! John's Jesus, summarily appears, before, a high Priest only (John 18:19-29)

The Crucifixion-Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (Spanish, 1617-1682)
>>>>>>>>The Crucifixion, 1617-1682
.....................Bartolomé Esteban Murillo

Pictures of the crucifixion arouse many a believer’s wrath about the false accusation of "Christ - killers" against the Jews. These charges, and other types of slanders in the NT, consciously and unconsciously, also influence, non-believers, steeped in the values of Christian culture.

The Jewish interrogation of Jesus, conducted by entirely different authorities is another evidence of this base, uninvestigated myth, of God killing against the Jews.

 A trial before the Jewish Sanhedrin or Supreme Court apparently occurs in Matthew 26:59-66 and Mark 14:55-64. The same trial occurs in the presence of a lower level Council composed of Jewish elders, chief Priests, and scribes in (Luke 22:66-71. As for John, a Sanhedrin or Council does not even exist! John’s Jesus, summarily appears, before, a high Priest only (John 18:19-29).

Bible study teachers should point out all these wrong charges. They must clean up the Bible and remove the stains of innocent blood from the Churches hands and nonbelievers influenced by the same value system.

Jesus message of love is only a repetition of  the Jewish Bible’s “Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself. (Lev XIX 18)”  Clearly, Jesus was  against the holocaust, murders, and vengeful pogroms conducted against his Jewish kinsmen. These values must be promoted to get all to love and not hate, especially,  based on the senseless beliefs of “Christ-killing.”


Believers in the Bible, as the word of God, here, once again find themselves in a religiously
weak position. How can the gospel accounts be true if totally different Jewish authorities interrogate Jesus at the same trial?

'Open the gates of Israel,' remnants of the European holocaust demand in Hebrew.The roots of Israel's problems is the unjust & inexcuseable "Christ-killer" story aimed against  the Jew of the nations, Israel & the resulting conscious or unconscious "revenge" of people influenced by these senseless values for centuries.

In this picture, Colonial Britain finds itself in the uncomfortable position of indirectly helping its enemy Hitler. 

In order to appease the Arabs and its insatiable love of oil money, Britain denies access to Jewish “holocaust” survivors going back to their ancient and ancestral home of Israel.

Israel’s problem today mirrors the artificial boundaries colonial Britain carved out for Israel in mandatory Palestine.
Israel fought over five wars of extermination against the Arabs. After every war, the Arabs demand Israeli  land  to Islamic Arab colonialists who want to conquer the entire Middle East and keep Israel and all the Middle East Jew  free or ”Judenrein.”

The current U.N. peace-plan is nothing but the old British plan imposed on Israel, before its rebirth.  This plan carves out a 2nd Palestinian Arab State, in addition to the 28 Arab countries artificially created after World War I. This second Palestinian State forms a wedge inside Israel, half of which is the Negev desert.

Can God the author of the commandment, "Thou shall not lie", so openly tell different stories about who conducted the trial of Jesus?

Clearly not.

As if these ear-splitting wrongs are not enough, there is, also, a different Jesus in the four Gospels.  Jesus, in fact, talks differently, acts differently, and dies differently.

  • To the question posed in the trial by alleged Jews," are you the Christ," "the Son of God" the answer is different in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and radically so in John.

  • Not affirming  he is the Messiah, the Son of God, Jesus responds in Matthew 26:64: "the words are your own, and from this time onward you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of the power and coming on the clouds of heaven."

  • "I am, and you will see the Son of God seated at the right hand of the Power and coming with the clouds of heaven," Jesus replies affirmatively in Mark 14:6l-63.

  • "If I tell you, you will not believe me, and if I question you, you will not answer. But from now on, the son of man will be seated at the right hand of the power of God," and "it is you who say I am, the Son of God," is the startling different reply in Luke 22:67-71.  Luke's Jesus in this alleged trial sells the evangelistic claim to his divinity short. Jesus does not, as in Mark, affirm he is the Son of God or the Messiah.

  • In John, as mentioned before, there is no Sanhedrin or Supreme Court meeting. The High Priest poses a general question about Jesus' disciples and teachings. There is no reference to a specific question, "are you the Christ, the Son of God?" Jesus' answer is, consequently, also general. "I have spoken openly for all the world to hear; I have always taught in the synagogue and in the temple where all the Jews meet together, I have said nothing in secret, But why ask me? Ask my hearers what I taught: they know what I said." (John 18:19-23).

  • John's Jesus, in short, does not answer any questions but directs the high priest to get answers from those who heard Jesus speak.


Jesus, obviously, could not possibly in all truth give four different answers to the
same question,”
are you the Christ," "the Son of God".

Even more important is the foreign nature of the question to a Jew, "are you the Christ," "the Son of God?"

This question is so Christian, and unJewish, it, clearly, cannot even occur to anyone who believes in Judaism.

  • God, after all is indivisible. His indivisible nature, therefore, excludes the Trinity or any literal father-son relationship. 

  • God is so holy; His very name is unspeakable. Religious Jews, touched by a total sense of awe, maintain a respectful distance and call him "Hashem," or "the Name."

  • God, the Creator, moreover, can never be a human Messiah.

The above interrogation of Jesus, consequently, is put in the mouth of the High Priest.

To make matters even worse, there are no witnesses in the Jewish trial of Jesus either. The reasons for this are also, quite clearly, different in some of the gospels.

  • The disciples flee when Jesus is arrested in Matthew 26: 56 and Mark 14:50-52. Mark, in contrast to Matthew even indicates one young follower run away "naked."

  • Jesus, in a totally different story tells the Romans in John 18:8-10,"if I am the one you are looking for let these others go."

  • As for Peter, the celebrated "rock" of the church he is soft as putty. He denies his master Jesus and completely disqualifies himself as a future witness. (Matthew 26:69-75, Mark 14:66-72, Luke: 22:56-61).

Pilate's trial of Jesus, one must add, is distinct from the Jewish trial of Jesus. Even the outcome of this so called Jewish trial by different authorities is strikingly different.

  • The Sanhedrin in unison pronounces a guilty verdict in Matthew 26:65 and Mark 14:64-65.

  • A Council of Jews, but not the Sanhedrin, however, declares a guilty verdict, although, not unanimous. (Luke 23:50-52)


  • The High Priest in John 18:28-29, and not a Sanhedrin or Council interrogates Jesus, and sometime later Jesus is delivered to Pilate, the Governor in charge of the occupation of Judea.

"Another apparent wrong portrayal of the event is the Gospel’s report of a popular Jesus, with no adoring devotees at the trial.  For an incredibly famous man, this is a virtually impossible "secret trial."

  • "... The whole world is gone after him, "John 12:19-20 reports the Pharisees telling each other of Jesus’ incredible following." The entire city was moved," Matthew recounts of Jesus when He came in Jerusalem. 21:8-12. The multitude, the missionary relates, cries joyfully," Hosanna in the highest" for the newly arrived "Messiah."  Mark adds," the chief priests and the scribes sought how they might take Jesus by craft, and put Him to death." But they warn: "not on the feast day, lest there be an uproar of the people." (Mark: 14:1-3.  But, if Jesus was so popular, where were the adoring crowds at Mark and Matthew's alleged Passover night trial? Where, moreover, were the "great multitudes" that followed Jesus almost everywhere? (Matthew 8: 1, Mark 11:9; Luke 5:1-19)

  • And clearly if, Pilate was as the Gospel evangelists describe convinced of Jesus’ innocence ( Luke 23:14; John18:38 ) and wanted to release him, why were Jesus’ worshipful "multitudes" not at the trial to shout for Jesus’ release?

The historical distortions in this trial are, also, legion and are an entirely separate subject. Still, it is important to briefly reduce, some of them to absurdity.

  • A Jewish trial during Passover is ridiculous. The religious Jews, portrayed in the Gospels were not at the trial, but celebrating, perhaps their most important holiday. If Christians close shop for Christmas Eve or New Year's Day, then one can readily appreciate why Jews don't conduct trials on Passover.

Pilate, like any despised conqueror, ruled by the sword, not the consent of the governed. He was not afraid of Jews, least of all, a surly crowd.


See Nonviolent Protest for Peace First in History Against Fiction of a Saintly Pilate in NT.

The charge of killing Jesus, in the four gospels, quite briefly, constitutes one of the most important causes of Jew-hatred to this day. The alleged Jewish trial of Jesus is wrong, inconsistent, and absurd, in its most basic elements. 

Jewish authorities, in the Gospels, inconsistently conduct, a Passover night trial in two of The Gospels, a pre-Passover night trial in another Gospel, and a morning trial in still another. The trial itself occurs at the hands of different authorities, depending on which Gospel one reads. There is a different Jesus in the trial in all of the gospels. Jesus acts differently, talks differently, and dies differently.

Because of all this, one can literally imagine Jesus at the cross, moaning, shrieking, and writhing in pain, at what the slanders in the Gospels did to his people, the Jews. Because of all this, one can imagine Jesus at the cross, moaning, shrieking, and writhing in pain, at what the slanders in the Gospels did to his people, the Jews.

Christian and nonbelievers, unconsciously influenced, by this same kind of value system, spent centuries bullying and killing innumerable numbers of their elder Jewish brothers. All this reminds us of the story of Cain’s murder of Abel in the Jewish Bible:

“…And the Lord said unto Cain : ‘Where is Abel thy brother?’ And he said: I know not; am I brother’s keeper?’ And he said: what has thou done? The voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground. ( Genesis IV, 9-11 )”

The positive side to all this is most people were unconsciously and unintentionally misinformed by humans who wrote these unholy writings many years later in the Christian Bible.

All can be forgiven.

Rational behavior and the love of God, therefore, asks our Christian brothers to wipe out this entire disgrace from the Christian Bible, print a full apology in the preface of the New Testament to the Jewish people, and pay back in lots of love for all the sins committed against the Jewish people based on the very dishonorable charge of “Jew, Christ-killer!”

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©2005 | Just Rebel, Inc. | written February 29, 2000 | by Dan Allen | updated June 19, 2008

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