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Copy Muhammad- Just Treatment of Women,
Christians, Jews, Unbelievers in Total Question

by Dan Allen.......................................

   “If Arab Muslims put down their weapons today there would be no more violence. 
If the Israelis put down their weapons today there would be no more Israel.”
Anonymous quote

A look at the map of a tiny Israel and the 21 Arab States surrounding it is a case study in worldwide anti-Jewish behavior.

Arab anti-Jewish behavior is symptomatic of most  of Arab society’s general overall intolerance of different ideas. This narrow-minded point of view is as a whole, universal, and all encompassing in the Arab world.

Dictators governed Arab societies from the beginning of their history until now. Islam: Unbelievers, Die or Change Your Religion. Unjust Treatment for Women, Christians and Jews proves a general intolerance applies to unbelievers, women, Christians, and Jews.

Women, for instance, constitute half of the world’s population. Yet, Arab men, who certainly love women, curiously push them into a position of meek obedience to them. If most Arab men were more open- minded and gave women equal opportunity, the Arab world would double its progress.

This same general intolerance shapes the behavior of the overwhelming majority of Arabs today. Arab societies today are still against freedom of the press, speech, and democracy for everyone. This intolerance goes against anyone who does not behave, in accordance to Islamic values.

What is the reason for all this?

How does this, general intolerance, apply to Jews and Israel today and in the past?

The Arabs warlike behavior to Israel is a mirror of the Koran and the Hadith’s slander of the Jews.

The Christian countries hostile behavior to the Jews, secular or otherwise, as this website indicates, is comparable to the Christian Bible’s vilification of the Jews.

Despite, the advancement of modern civilization, not much has changed.

The actors in the worldwide war against Israel are the same as their counterparts in ancient times. Some of them behave in the same crude barbaric fashion practiced since ancient times. Others put the mask of civilization and diplomatic finesse to couch their evil attempts at murdering Israel on the false “Christ-killing” or for want of better words, “God-killing” charges.

Let’s first briefly examine this scenario in modern times and then go back to the ancient Muhammadan past where we see the same thing happening.

There are 21 Arab countries in the world today and one tiny Jewish country, Israel. Israel today is only about 20,770 square kilometers, with roughly half of its country consisting of the Negev desert. With 13,486,861 square kilometers, the Arab countries are 650 times the size of Israel. The predominantly, Christian and secular colonial powers of Britain and France are mainly responsible for this division of the Middle East

In 1922, Britain carved out 80% of the ancient home of Israel and gave it to the Arab kingdom of Jordan.  Today, after five wars of extermination and other peripheral wars, this trade of Jewish land for peace with the Arabs, after the holocaust, adds insult to injury. It is something no nation in the world ever accepts.

Worldwide pressure today, dictates, Israel expand the Arab Islamic empire, and drive a wedge inside Israel's already decapitated  home to create a second Palestinian state. The Arabs living in this area always called themselves Arabs until 1967. There was also no such thing as a Palestinian state in history. The ancient Romans came up with the name “Palestine" in order to erase all Jewish memory from the Jewish people's ancient homeland.
Britain adopted this name from the Romans when it made up the notion of a  Palestinian state. Arab countries, continue to use this artificial Palestinian state as an instrument to throw out Israel from its national home. The object of this is to make all the Middle East Moslem.

Most other countries engage in the public relations diplomacy of “lands for peace.”  In reality, they are politely dressed, as wolves in sheeps’ clothing in order to destroy Israel on the false "Jews killed Jesus accusation."

The truth is crystal clear. Good works are desperately needed to save the world from a possible nuclear war. Israel cannot continue to exist with its back against the wall as most of the world continues its unyielding persistence to destroy Israel.

All of the world’s energies must focus on a pay back with love towards Israel for the holocaust and Israel’s continual wars of survival against the Arabs. The constant, conscious and unconscious, bullying of Christian countries, secular or otherwise, must stop.

What must be done to correct this dangerous state of affairs?

The Christian and Muslim Bibles must be cleaned up of hate and focus on love. A just standard of conduct must apply to all nations. No country should negotiate its ethics and demand Israel to return lands for war.

The Oslo peace plan must, therefore, end. The Oslo peace plan is really nothing but the old British plan to divide Israel into three countries of Israel, a new Palestine, and the old Palestine or Jordan. This is an old colonial plan, dressed up, as something novel to divide and conquer the Middle East and end all peace. The Oslo peace plan is nothing but a war plan in fancy glittering evening clothes without any connection to ethics or reality.

The 20 Arabs states in the area called must absorb their Arab brothers in Palestine into their native Arab countries. The Arabs living in the artificial state of Palestine haven't changed much and are not likely to do so. The only constant is their lack of change. The so called Palestinians started out, during World War II with the Haj Amin Al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, a hardened ally of Hitler. Today, these same Arabs continue the terrorism of the PLO, an offshoot of the Muslim brotherhood with the terrorism of the new state of Hamas.

All countries must stop dressing up the attempt to destroy Israel into a peace plan.

Why does ancient Arab Muslim history today still mirror the Arab past?

To copy the life of the prophet Muhammad is the trademark of the Moslem "true believer."

Not to accept values and ideas different from the Koran & the Hadith is the Muslim religious institutions ways of copying the life of the prophet Muhammad.

Islam’s religious world view, as a result, offers three close-minded and restricted choices:

  • Anyone who does not believe must either “die or change their belief to Islam.”  In this case, a non-believer is anyone who is not Christian, Jewish, or Sabaean. 1

  • Unequal treatment of women. In most circumstances, male supremacy rules.

  • Non-citizenship, for the "Ahl al Dhimmi," or Jews and Christians

"Dhimmis" are, at best, respected as "Ahl al Kitab," "People of the Book" or possessors of the Bible. These are, of course, Christians and Jews, who theoretically, live as "protected citizens" but unjustly pay discriminatory taxes, Muslims do not pay. The extortionate taxes are the "Jizya," a "tribute" poll tax and the Kharadj," a land or field yield tax.


These tributes are thus spelled out in the Koran:

"Fight them that believe not in God and the last day and who hold not as forbidden what God and his apostle have forbidden, and do not profess the true religion," according to the Koran, "those that have a scripture, until they pay the Jizya in person in subjection." 2

Life, under Islam, varied in its relationship to its "Dhimmis." It was, not as bad, during specific periods in history & in certain countries. The toleration, however, was clearly offset against a background of injurious, discriminatory, humiliating and totally unjust disabilities.

Violence, death, & expulsion, and plunder are and were, at worst, and as often, the unavoidable fate, of the Dhimmis. This was, particularly true of the Jews. The Jews, after all, rejected Muhammad, an illiterate prophet, who, initially courted them, and passionately desired them to be his followers. Jews or Israelites were appalled by the Muhammad’s harsh departure from the Jewish Bible, especially in regards to the violent approach to change people’s religion or impose its own ethical interpretation.

A Jew can do everything to conform to the norms of a society that does not accept them. In the end he will be tried and hung for no other reason than the outside society considers him to be a Jew. This was the case of the famous Shafiq Adas, a loyal Iraqi citizen, an Iraqi Jewish equivalent of Alfred Dreyfus in France or some of the Jews who converted to Catholicism, and dropped out of Judaism during the Spanish inquisition in order to save their lives.
A wealthy businessman with ties to the Royal family of Iraq, Mr. Adas had no use for Zionism or the Jewish national home.

In this picture, the prosperous Adas is led to court in the summer of 1948 and "hung" near his house for allegedly "Zionist" activities. The 150,000 Jews of Iraq took this as another example of the fate of the "Dhimmi." The Jewish Dhimmi was a noncitizen who had no recourse but to escape to his ancient ancestral home of Israel or the Western world to escape the wrath of Islam.

Unfortunately, not even this helps today. All the Arab States cannot accept the idea of  their violently oppressed Jewish Dhimmi in Israel ready to fight Muslim Arab persecution once and for all. An Israeli Jew, in their mind, is “uppity,” in their non-acceptance of their underdog Dhimmi status.

The Koran’s escape from the ethics all the three great religion’s hold, is Islam's source of this unholy, unjust, intolerant, violent, discriminatory, and bigoted hate.

Thus, it is not a surprise, hardly any Jew lives in the Arab world today.

Peace proposals with the Arabs, today, demand a creation, after Jordan, of a second Palestinian State, on the ancient homeland of the Jews. This new state, must, according to those who battle Israel be "Jew Free," like Nazi Germany.

As if this were not enough, all supposed peace proposals are set against a background of terrorism and five wars of extermination against the tiny land of Israel.

Islam has a rough time dealing with Israel, on any basis but to treat it as the Ahl al Dhimma,” an oppressed minority noncitizen, of the Islamic state.


From this point of view, Jews must be disarmed & live the life of non-citizens. How dare Jews even defend themselves? The Jewish state of Israel must, even in its triumph uphold its Dhimmi status and give land to Arabs who fight to exterminate them.

Islam’s behavior, towards its Jewish Dhimmis speaks the "naked truth" about itself for most of its history.

The 800,000 Jewish refugees who abandoned their ancient ancestral homes in Arab countries to live in Israel or other parts of the world is a "mirror image" of the bottom line cruel treatment, the Koran & its commentary, "the Hadith" spells out for its Dhimmis.

The fate of the "unspoken" Jewish refugees from Arab countries predates Islam itself. Jews lived in an Aramaic speaking Middle East long before the Arab invasion from the desert of Arabia inflicted its unjust rule of oppression & dictatorship.

Second only to the Koran in its passionate, irrational and intense hatred of Jews, is the Hadith.

A collection of traditions, teachings, and stories about the Prophet, the "Hadith" provides the Muslim a supposedly ideal picture of Muhammad.

Mass Graves of the 1941 Jewish pogrom or Farhood in Iraq. A repeat of Islamic practice throughout the centuries, Moslem Arabs, without second thought, here, persecute, murder, and steal Jewish property.  

Iraq added Nazi racial theory to their Iraqi Jewish "Dhimmi" non-citizens in the pogrom of 1941, an occurrence, well before the establishment of Israel in 1948. Angry mobs murdered, raped, and looted a defenseless Jewish community and hurled them into the mass grave above.

Iraqi Jews are the oldest Jewish community in the world. Babylonian General Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the first Jewish temple in 586 B.CE and carried the Jews into exile from Judea. Before the conquests of Islam in C.E. 642, all Babylonians spoke Aramaic.

Babylonian Jewish scholars wrote the finest ethical tracts in world literature. The scholars of the Academies of Sura and Pumbeditha compiled the Talmud in C.E. 600. The Talmud served as a spiritual guide for all Jews for over a thousand years. Had the Moslem population studied these texts, peace in the Middle East will not, to this day, be the "mirage in the desert," that it is now.

To the faithful, Muhammad’s actions are considered the very essence of "perfection." From this point of view, a "true believer" must follow Muhammad’s actions & words in the Koran and the Hadith to realize excellence and gain entry into paradise.


But where does a carbon copy of Muhammad’s use of force, violence, and discrimination against all unbelievers, Christians, Jews, and Sabeans lead us?

Clearly to the "Dar al Harb," the House of War. "Din Muhammad bil Seif," "the religion of Muhammad is with the sword,” is a code word for Islam throughout the ages. Islam cannot rest, until all fall under its curved sword. After everyone becomes Moslem, then the world, from this point of view, becomes a place of peace, "Dar al Sulh." 3

Right now, the world is not all Moslem. The "House of War," is, consequently, a necessary part of world affairs. "It is a Moslem’s duty to engage in Jihad, or "holy war." It is not an exaggeration to say, if Islam was not in its current weak military position, the ultimate goal is to make the U.S., Europe, and Russia  objects, right now, of its conquest.

"In the name of God, the Merciful, and the Compassionate" is the beautiful opening of every chapter in the Koran.

How did Islam veer dangerously, of course, in Mercy, Compassion, and "loving kindness, a central ethical ideal, the father religion Judaism clearly originated and shares with Islam?

How did the Koran and the Hadith violate this opening line of every chapter of the Koran?

The Koran’s quotations on this web site clearly speak for themselves. Now, we must point to the life of the prophet in the Hadith to follow a more picturesque view of this hatred.

When Muhammad made his Hejira, his famous flight from Mecca to Medina, he


counted on the Jews who lived there to be he his greatest supporters.

He was in for the surprise of his life. The Jews could not accept the versions of the Biblical stories he recited. Clearly, the illiterate prophet of Islam had a hard time remembering the stories told him from the Torah. In addition, Jews questioned and laughed at his revelations, and according to the legend in the Hadith supported his enemies.

Deeply hurt by this reaction, Muhammad made a total about face in his relation to the Jews. He charged the Jews of changing the words of the Bible, written over two thousand years before he was even born and unchanged until now. He severed his ties to Jews when he changed the Moslem Sabbath to Friday, and the qibla, the directions Moslems pray from Jerusalem to Mecca.

As a result, Muhammad swiftly moved against the Jews. He expelled two Jewish tribes, the Banu Qaynuqa and the Banu l-Nadir from Medina ca 627. The l-Nadir surrendered after their palm trees were cracked and moved to the oasis of Khaybar 150 kilometers away. The Banu Qurayza, the third Jewish tribe was "beheaded" and their children were sold into slavery. Muhammad, then conquered the oasis of Khaybar and subjected its people to very heavy taxes.

The precedent was set. The pattern of discrimination, violence, and "terrorism" against Jews in Arabia to be "Jew free" was set. This, in effect, is the social index to what is wrong and cancerous in Arab society. If Islam’s relation to the Jews or Israel was better, the Middle East would have blossomed and flowered with unbelievable progress. The ultimate outrage of all this is Islam’s overall intolerance of anyone who differs in their belief from Islam’s monopolistic ideology.

  • A mirror of this tyranny can be found in every household in men’s relationship to women, half of the world’s population.

    "Men are the managers of the affairs of women for that God has preferred in bounty one of them over another, and for that they have expended of



their property. Righteous women are therefore obedient, guarding the secret for God’s guarding. And those you fear may be rebellious admonish; banish them to their couches, and beat them. If they then obey you, look not for any way against them." Sura IV,35-40


Male bigotry, in the above passage, shows why one of the world’s greatest religions still keeps women in a shockingly backward state. The upshot of all this intolerance is simple. Women constitute, at least, half of the world’s population. When women are deprived of equal opportunity, half of the world is robbed of progress & advancement.

Muhammad, the prophet, quite briefly, spread a dictatorial religion of intolerance. One man rule and tyranny thrived under the banner of Islam for over 1500 years. All the sanctions of freedom and democracy are banned in Moslem states.

What can, all people of "good will, "Moslems," Christians, Jews, Sabaeans, and nonbelievers do to live with one another in love and peace? How can we get over the intolerance and non acceptance of Islam and concentrate on things that unite us rather than divide each and every one of us?

The answer is found in the basic premise "You shall love your fellow as yourself"4

All our basic ideals flow from this. "You shall not kill!" "You shall not commit adultery," "You shall not steal," "You shall not bear false witness against your fellow," "You shall not covet your fellow’s house. You shall not covet your fellow’s wife, his manservant, his maidservant, his ox, his donkey, nor anything that belongs to your fellow."5

If we tell the truth about one another, refuse to kill anyone who does not believe in what we believe in, respect one another, then the "lamb shall sleep with the



lion" and peace will be all over the world.

All the ties that bind us all go back to the father religion of Judaism and what Islam interprets in common with Judaism. These are certainly not the values of force, violence,and the sword and the ghazu raid used in the desert to change people’s behavior.

Then, all will, then, have arrived at the beautiful first opening line of the Koran, "In the name of God, the Merciful, and Compassionate."

Mercy and compassion comes, as defined in this verse comes in two ways. The first is not to dehumanize anyone who is not like us. Mercy and compassion dictate we should not believe the non-believing other, has no merit and should die or be forced to change or live with discriminatory disabilities. The second is the freedom to choose good over evil. The beauty of all this, is that when we freely choose a religion or idea, then we made the best choice, a choice without force. And doesn’t the Koran buried in its text admit, there is "No compulsion in Religion" 6

Just Rebel, Inc. | Copyright © 2006 | by Dan Allen

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