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Lands for Peace: The War on Israel Dan Allen, President

The love of peace requires people to end their never-ending war on Israel. No one in the world will do to themselves what they ask Israel to do: no country in the world fights wars against extermination and trades "lands for peace:"

No country in the world continually offers peace to enemies committed to destroy it: every country in the world preempts such enemies: every country kills them.

"Lands for peace," is a public relations strategy to bully tiny Israel into another "holocaust" via a phony peace plan that does not work , defies logic, and is a mirage in the desert. There are different factors for anti-Jewish hatred. One cause tends to predominate: whether conscious or unconscious, the root of this vice originates, in part from baseless Christ killing charges against the Jews, slander of Judaism 1 & a similar demonization of Jewish people for rejecting Muhammad as a prophet in Islam. 2 People, as a result, put Israel in the impossible position of the Greek mythical character Sisyphus. Sisyphus, at right, is condemned to roll a rock up the mountain only to see it roll down without end. Israel, in like fashion, wins the war against extermination, only to see bigots bully it to give what it won back to the Arabs in order to fight more wars of total destruction. Extremists are Christian, Moslem, & secular Shylocks and their supporters who are unconscious  of their unethical behavior but determined to disguise themselves as peacemakers. They take revenge against Jews for questioning Jesus and Muhammad. Their game plan is to trap Israel in one war too many, until it is erased from the map.

1 Allen, Dan. Rsnt.Org for deeper insights into the New Testament.
2 Allen, Dan. Rsnt.Org, for insights on the Koran.
P1 Myth of Sisyphus -

img Sisyphus by Titian - 1549
P1 - Sisyphus by Titian, 1549

"No one in the world will do to themselves what they ask
Israel to do: no country in the world fights wars against
extermination and trades 'lands for peace:' No country in the world continually offers peace to enemies committed to destroy it: every country in the world preempts such enemies: every country kills them.

Israel, like Sisphyus, is condemned to roll a rock up the
mountain only to see it roll down without end. The game
plan is to trap Israel in one war too many, until it is erased from the map




How long will we sit and watch in horror real life movie reruns of anti-Jewish dogmatists spewing hatred and destruction of Israel? We have moved two millenniums in time and passively lost almost half of the Jewish people to Hitler’s "holocaust."

History repeats itself. Those who do not learn from the lessons of history are condemned to repeat it.
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Must Israel continue to "turn the left cheek" until it stops existing? No one does. Certainly no Christian
country does- the trend is to self-righteously & emptily preach Jesus’ impractical message but break it
because it doesn’t work anyway.

Where do you stand in this clash of culture and ideas? Will you allow the forces of barbarism and evil to
triumph over civilization?

"Love your neighbor as thyself 3," Honor your father and mother," keep a day of rest, you shall not murder,
commit adultery, steal, lie, bear false witness, covet your neighbor’s goods, 4 and a more rational love of
enemy 5 are the foundation of world ethics and peace for religious and nonreligious humanism.

Shall we stand silently on the blood of our sisters & brothers and allow the uncivilized to destroy Israel? Passivity
and silence is affirmation and consent for the killer to murder and plunder.

Shall we support the barbarians and lapse into the "dark ages" of Nazi Germany or shall we favor Israel & the Jews

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who created the foundation of ethics so we can all live at peace with one another? Shall we relish the
destroyers of our society or those who contribute to our culture beyond their numbers?

Do you feel Israel & its friends should totally destroy one of its adversaries to deliver a wakeup call and
save the rest of the world from silently participating in the evil of another "holocaust?"

"Thou shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among thy people; neither shalt thou stand idly by the blood
of thy neighbor
," 6 is a universal ethical truth that applies to this situation in religious and secular culture.

What creative solutions do you have to bring peace and help preempt Israel & its friends from engaging in this ultimate
act of self-defense?

How do we avoid destroying innocents in the process?

The patriarch Abraham in the Bible argued and negotiated with God to spare the innocent for His name’s sake:
"Oh, let not the Lord be angry, & I will speak yet but this once," Abraham pleads. "Peradventure ten shall be found there." God answers," I will not destroy it for ten’s sake." 7

In like fashion, we ask all in our blog and anyone conscious of this situation to spare innocents in the Middle East
crisis in the same way the people who were not guilty were spared in the evil town of Sodom and Gomorrah. God
agreed not to destroy these towns, even if there are ten innocents; rational ethics requires metaphorically as much.

Kindly inform us of everything we have not considered, in the event, of this ultimate act of self-defense. An
attack against one of us is an attack against all of us. Support Israel's unequivocal right to stop : 1) any more
Arab wars of extermination or terrorism to mutilate the Jewish state, 2) refuse to follow U.N. "holocaust

6 - Ibid, Leviticus XIX,16,p.501
7 - Ibid, Genesis XVIII, 20-111, pp. 65-66



resolutions" disguised as a peace plan 3) Expose and reject Oslo’s Quisling peace plan as a "lands for war plan."

Let us not forget the obvious: the crematoriums of the Jewish people are in Europe: the Arabs’ repeated
attempts to exterminate Israel precede the Orwellian Oslo "war" plan. War is not peace. Terrorism is not
self-defense. The Palestinian Arabs are migrants or immigrants 8 from neighboring Arab States. Ironically,
are, in reality, Arab refugees from the very Arab countries who make war, demand "lands for peace"
so they can exterminate Israel, and turn their back on their brothers and sisters rights to return to the Arab
countries they originally came from.

Over one half of the population of Israel are Jews from Arab countries. These Jews do not vanish conveniently
because most of the world chooses to close their eyes & forget about them 9. Israel is the land of the Jews
"reborn"in the same area: there never was a state of Palestine. 10 A lie repeated often enough, unfortunately,
becomes the truth.

Talk straight!: Stop bullying the Israeli government into signing logic defying deaf & blind peace plans.
"Lands for Peace" is a mirage. It is similar to the fairy tale, "the Emperor's New Clothes."

Well, The "Emperor has no Clothes." as this kind of peace plan displays no dignity or honor. Stripped naked to
its bare essence, it cannot be backed up with any logic or historical evidence:  a child can see through it.  No
politician, European Union, or Nobel Prize committee can con or mask its true intention of bullying Israel – the
Jew of the nations-into fighting one more war-until Israel is finally erased from the map. The devisors of these
plans make it look rosy but
their hands are full of thorns and soaked in blood.

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Abstract indicate over 123,371 Iraqi Jews escaped to Israel; many like author Dan Allen & his family escaped to Iran and
immigrated to the U.S.
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A brief history of the Arabs and their allies’ permanent war against Israel proves "lands for peace" means "lands for war. "
The current heir to this continuous historical cycle of repeated Arab wars of extermination against Israel is President
Bush. A creature of habit, like other Presidents before him, Israel’s best friend and closest ally has, unfortunately,
revived the tired old, "lands for peace," a plan that trades Israeli land for repeated Arab wars of extermination against them.

How did this plan come about? Why is Israel always supposed to give back its land for Arab wars of extermination?
Why are the Arabs up in arms against Israel? Is it, for any reason, other than to keep their "dhimmi" Jews in check?

All these questions will follow in due course. The "lands for peace plan" in a in a nutshell is an old British Colonial plan
devised to divide and rule the Middle East. This plan gives Israel the pittance, ¼ of its birthright and the rest still
goes to the Arabs.

"Lands for peace," is a byproduct of conflicting British Colonial tendencies. Some of the British truly wanted to give
Jews Israel - the land of their ancestors. Others were devilish Colonialist pranksters. Their sole desire was to divide
and rule Israel and the Arabs so they will constantly fight against each other and make the Middle East easier for the
British colonizers to control. The heir of the British Colonial plan is now, unconsciously, the West.

What’s amazing is the world powers still kowtow to this same tired old devilish plan -as if it was some glorious
mythological scripture- written in the sky. Instead of reinstituting the Boston tea party and throwing a plan doomed
to end all peace in the Middle East in the harbour, most U.S. Presidents rehash the same old plan, do not achieve
peace, and return home to lick their wounds only to fight futility and try again. Or is it, that the world powers feel it
is easier to sell Israel for oil rather than stand for principle and democracy?

The tendency, in the meantime, is for U.S. Afro-American Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice to counsel Israel to find
comfort in the words of resuscitated Fatah terrorist & Palestinian President & Klansman Muhammad Abbas. U.S. arm
sales to Saudi Arabia, moreover, may help contain Iran; but it is a step backward-as the Saudis are, historically,
unrepentant enemies of Jews, Israel, women, democracy, and people of any faith other than Islam.

In a recent keynote to the United Jewish Federation, Rice confuses Israel’s weariness with the same old persecution
into acquiescenceto the " lands for peace" bullying. Israel, under this scenario is perfectly willing to negotiate with
Arafat heir & Klansman Muhammad Abbas. The rockets of Sederot from Gaza give the lie to a repeat of this "lands for war"
plan. Still, Israel, has to makethe "painful decisions" to give up the West Bank
so Arab Klansmen can string up
every Jew in Israel in a manner far exceeding the African-American civil right
experience in "Bombingham, Alabama."

The Israel-Arab wars predate the rebirth of Israel in 1948 and are as old as Islam itself. Highlights of this ancient history
is an exact portrayal of what an Islamic peace will bring for Israel.

In the Koran, and its Hadith commentary, Muhammad was "intolerant of all religious faiths and ideas other than Islam." He warred with special venom against the Jews: Jews, according to Islamic legend "laughed" at Muhammad’s interpretation of Jewish ideas-they rejected him as "the last and final prophet."

"O you who believe! Take not the Jew and the Christians as friends. They are friends to one another. Whoever of you befriends them is one of them. Allah does not guide the people who do evil," 11 is the Koranic proclamation under this edict. "Fight against those to whom the scriptures are given, who believe not in Allah nor in the Last Day, who forbid not what Allah and his apostle have forbidden, and follow not the true faith, until they pay the tribute out of hand and are humbled," is the Koranic law for Christians, Jews, and Sabaeans. 12 People who do fall under this category must either die or convert to Islam.

The unending Arab war of extermination against Israel, also, has roots in the Hadith, a commentary on the

11 - The Koran Interpreted, Sura: 5:56, translation by AJ Arberry, ( London: Allen & Unwin; New York: Macmillan, 1955. Dr. Arbury was
professor of Arabic
at Cambridge University in England. He was also the Head of the department of Classics in Cairo University. See also
in, Dan Allen.
12 - Ibid, Sura: 9:29. See also in , Dan Allen



Koran. This fiasco started at Islam’s inception; it explains why no Jews live in Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian territories-a shameless judenrein bigotry (Jew Free in Nazi ideology) policy exists in these countries.

Stunned by the Jews rejection of him as the final prophet, Muhammad, according to Arab legend, swiftly moved against the Jews.13 A lot of Jews feel this is a shameless act of ingratitude against the very people who helped bring Muhammad & the Arabs out of the "Jahilya," the days of ignorance," and into ideas of ethics, the foundation of all civilization-and for the chance for any country not tolive under the tyranny of murderous anarchy.

Attacking Israel & Jews is a worldwide disease. In the Middle East, it bars the Arabs and all Islamic governments from civilization, literacy, good health, prosperity, and cultural advancements. A reversal of the policy of violence and respect of Israel will only advance the cause of peace -make the deserts bloom, educate the Arabs, save them from disease and civilize them away a culture of war, violence, autocracy,violation of women's riots, illiteracy, and the untold disasters Arab countries continually afflict themselves with.

Muhammad expelled two Jewish tribes, the Banu Qaynuqa and the Banu ‘al-Nadir 14 from Medina ca 627. The ‘al-Nadir surrendered after their palm trees were cracked and moved to the oasis of Khaybar 150 kilometers away. The Banu Quray the third Jewish tribe was "beheaded" 15 and their children were sold into slavery. Muhammad, then conquered the oasis of Khaybar 16 and subjected its people to very heavy taxes.

Enraged rather than enlightened and challenged by the Jews rejection of him, Muhammad, moreover, treated Jews as second class noncitizens.17 Muhammad’s treatment of the ahl al Dhimmi 18 Jews was, in many ways similar to the American Southern


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Unjust Treatment for Women, Christians and Jews

18 - See also, Allen, Dan.Copy Muhammad- Just Treatment of Women, Christians, Jews, Unbelievers in Total Question



racist bigotry against Blacks.

Arab wars and terrorist attacks against Israel, since the 1940's, are a Nakba humiliation for the Arabs-as the conquest of of the dhimmi state of Israel remains a distant mirage in the desert. The Dar al Harb (house of war) is, therefore, religiously permanent until Islam conquers the entire Middle East and subjugates its Christian and Jewish noncitizens. When will this clash end? The house of peace (dar al salaam) will only come to fruition when Islam triumphs over Europe, the U.S., and the entire world.

The Iranian Mullah’s regime’s dishonorable intentions against Israel signify such a warning to all. Any one of us can become a victim of a "holocaust." We all stand next in line for such attacks. We cannot, therefore, stand silently and watch Israel attacked and declare we did not participate in another "holocaust." Silence is affirmation. Silence kills. A sin of omission is a sin of commission. An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. "Thou shalt thou stand idly by the blood of thy neighbor," is a universal ethical truth that applies to all, 20 this time, especially because we will also get killed.

There are 21 Arab countries with a population of 292,400, 267 people; their population is 49 times larger than Israel’s population of 5,938, 093. Their territory is 13,486,861 square kilometers, 649 times the size of Israel’s 20,770 square kilometers-half of which is the Negev desert . The Arabs oppressive treatment of Jews speaks for itself. There are hardly any Jews left in Arab countries today-The Jewish dispersion from Arab lands include half of Israel’s total population. This continuing lust for Jewish blood and land is testimony to the Arabs & Iran’s Islamic government’s inhospitable behavior. It also speaks of a worldwide complicity in the denial of the existence of Jewish refugees from Arab lands.

How much of their land did Jews get after the 1917 Balfour Declaration established the mandate for the Jewish national home?

19 - Shorter Encyclopaedia of Islam, pp. 68-69;
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What acts of terrorism and extermination were involved in thoses times and during the rebirth of Israel in 1948? How does this jibe with the discrimination, displacement, and pogroms of Jews from Arab countries? How should the world and Jewish people react to all this?

Israel was robbed of 75% of the area the British promised as their national home. Winston Churchill gave most of the land to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Israel, originally included land on both the East and West bank of the Jordan.21 The League of Nations & Britain designated all this area called Palestine as the Jewish National Home.22 "The Zionist, "Historian Arnold Toynbee noted, "have as much right to this no-man’s land as the Arabs or more." 23 The U.S. was in full agreement with this resolution at the Paris Peace Conference January 21, 1919.

The fight over Israel’s small territory bears witness to the Arabs general intolerance of minority groups in their midst. Pogroms, plunder, and second class non-citizenship was the lot of the Jews during various periods of Arab history. The Arab’s treatment of Israel as an outcast state is testimony to Islam’s hegemony and imperialistic designs over the entire Middle East. It, eloquently speaks, of the oppression of Islam's own citizens. There is no democracy in the Arab world. Anyone who does not bend to the autocracy of Arab regimes is bound to get similar retaliation.

As far as Israel is concerned, there is no excuse for these endless wars. The Arab Palestinian migrants into Israel can readily be returned & absorbed into their native lands to live with their Arab brothers. They can easily be exchanged for the "forgotten Jewish refugees from Arab countries -now, "Judenrein" in all of the Arab countries. The ancestors of the Palestinian Arabs of today, are, ironically, refugees from Arab countries: they immigated from the surrounding Arab

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countries under the British mandate: they are barred from entry into their former Arab homes: they form an artificial refugee population to combat Israel.

The root cause of Arab hostility to Israel is not the Palestinian refugees who migrated to Israel ; it’s the refusal to allow Jews to practice their own religion or have their own state. Why should anyone accept a prophet who spreads his mission with the sword rather than persuasion? The cause of the aggression in the "lands for war plan" is the conscious or unconscious hatred of Jews for alleged "‘Christ killing" charges, rampant slander of Judaism in the New Testament & the Koran, & a refusal of many Jews, as a result, to convert to a rebellious son's ethically faint-pale-violent- & nontranscendent imitation of the father's religion.

"… Settle the question of Jewish elements in Palestine and other Arab countries," Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al Husseini urged Hitler and his allies in 1940 in "accordance with the national & racial interests of the Arabs & along lines similar to those used to solve the Jewish question in Germany & Hitler." 24 Subsequently, the Mufti of Jerusalem conducted guerrilla warfare against the Jews and occupied the old city of Jerusalem.

Haj Amin al Husseini Meets with Hitler, Berlin 1942    Nazi propaganda poster featuring Haj Amin  al Husseini Recruiting young Muslims Haj Amin al Husseini meeting Nazi head Heinrich Himmler
Haj Amin al Husseini Meets with Hitler, Berlin 1942 Nazi propaganda poster featuring Haj Amin al Husseini Recruiting young Muslims Haj Amin al Husseini meeting Nazi head Heinrich Himmler

The deep affinity & infatuation of Arab governments for Nazi ideology started then and continues until today.

24 - Fritz Grobba, Manner und Macht em Orient (Zurich, Berlin, Frankfurt, 1967). See also, Jon Kimche, The Second Arab Awakening (London, 1970)



Many Arabs, of this ilk, are to the extreme right of Mohammad's legend in the Koran & the Hadith. Muhammad killed Jews but Arab legend does portray a wholesale extermination.

The Arabs, thus, rejected the United Nations vote in 1947 dividing historic Palestine into two states. "This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre…like the Mongolian massacres & the Crusades," Arab League Secretary General Azzam Pasha boasted 25, right after Israel declared independence in 1948. All that was needed was "a few brooms" to drive the Jews in the sea Iraq’s Prime Minister confidently declared. 26

If anti-Semites stop bullying Israel and hold the tiny country of Israel to a standard all nations of the world follow, things may be different now. "A few brooms" on an Arab or Iranian tribe or two may, unfortunately, anecessary wakeup call for all who dream of another "holocaust" against the Jewish State. This will remind allthose who prefer the use of the polite public relations "bully language" of "lands for peace," that Israel & Jews everywhere do not buy into the shameless attempts to collaborate in the murder of the Israel, " the Jew of the nations." Israel and Jews must get out of the closet and speak openly against persecution.

This is something Israel and Jews need to do . The Arabs actively participated in at least eight wars against Israel-all calculated to exterminate Israel- immediately or by attrition. After every war, the Arabs lost, the world demandedmore wages of sins, in return of territory that does not belong to the Arabs in the first place. The first of these seven wars clearly reflects an ancient Muslim grudge against the Jewish people.

"Push the Jews into the sea" the Arabs cried. The combined Arab armies of Egypt, Syria, Transjordan, Lebanon and Iraq invaded Israel the day of its rebirth- Independence Day, 1948. Israel captured the Sinai, Gaza, and the Western half of Jerusalem. Israel withdrew from the Sinai & Gaza for the first time , after Britain threatened military intervention. Britain deprived Israel of a buffer zone: it setthe precedent of bullying this little country into becoming the only nation on earth that must give up land in a war of survival. And all this from a country who lived to occupy, colonize, and exploit, other countries for centuries.

The third withdrawal from Gaza occurred under Prime Minister Sharon. The results were apparent before the withdrawal. Today Israel faces a constant barrage of attack on the border town of Sederot. Where is it written that a small country like Israel has to suffer this kind of oppression ? Why is it alright for the U.S., Britain, France, Russia, and China to wage war with intercontinental ballistic missiles while Israel has to defend itself from attackers facing it from a space less than a mile away?

25 - Cairo Press Conference May 15, 1948, New York Times, May 16, 1948
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"Egypt has decided to dispatch her heroes, the disciples of Pharaoh and the sons of Islam and they will cleanse the land of Palestine....There will be no peace on Israel's border because we demand vengeance, and vengeance is Israel's death," Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser declared,28 using "the golden opportunity" the British gave him. Israeli forces frustrated the designs of the "sons of Pharaoh." They, again, captured the Gaza strip, the Sinai Peninsula, & Sharm al Sheikh in 1956. Despite the fact that Egypt launched a war of extermination against Israel; U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower saw fit to bully Israel into withdrawing from the territories it captured in order to insure a buffer zone.

"We cannot consider that the armed invasion and occupation of another country are 'peaceful means' or proper means to achieve justice and conformity with international law," he declares with perverse logic.29 Eisenhower, thus, sealed the fate of America’s little ally Israel to become a Sisyphus who must fight never ending wars of survival. If the U.S. does not allow any country to exterminate us, why should we bully, our own ally Israel, in not doing the same thing for itself?

"Our best objective will be the destruction of Israel," Egyptian President Nasser declared in the 1967 Six-Day War.30 Egyptian, Syrian, Iraqi, Jordanian, Lebanese troops with over 2800 tanks & 800 aircraft gang up to murder the people of Israel once again. In a preemptive strike, Israel defeats the combined Arab armies in 6 days. In a breathtakingwar, Israel, the little David, recaptures the Gaza strip and the Sinai Peninsula; the West bank of the Jordan; and the Golan heights.

Despite, repeated wars of survival and even more to come; the burden, as always is on Israel to return to the 1967 borders in return for a peace akin to a mirage in the desert. A double standard exists between the rest of the world

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and the irrational demands the world makes from the reborn state of Israel - after centuries of expulsion and persecution of Jews.

Israel is repeatedly pressed to fight wars with countries who do not hide their dream to destroy a little country -the size of New Jersey- and to negotiate with terrorists who declare a war of attrition. The rest of the world, on the other hand, can fight wars continents apart or on other people’s lands. The U.S., Russia, Britain, France, and China are some examples of the majority of nations in this world who gloat in this double standard. Many people, in colonialist and imperialistic countries, moreover, falsely project their colonialist tendencies on the reborn state of Israel. Instead of looking at themselves in the mirror, they demonize Israel as a vile "occupying power "
rather than the country of the Jews who came back to their homeland.

"The Third Temple (the State of Israel) is going under," General Moshe Dayan confided to Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, during the 1973 Yom Kippur War on the Jewish day of atonement. 31 Babylon destroyed the first temple; the Romans the second, now Dayan remembers the reborn State of Israel in the context of the destruction of the third Jewish Temple.

The comparison strikes a deep chord in righteous people. Israel was at the end of the line; it is as if Sisyphus sees the last rock roll down the mountain: Israel has no recourse but to entertain the nuclear option: the weapons are ready. 32

A Masada complex surfaces with all sorts of uncomfortable questions! Will Israel stop the Arabs, kill them all, and destroy all their oil reserves? Will the nuclear radiation from the explosion spread to the Jewish State? Who else will pay for the crime of dividing and conquering the Middle East? Will it be the British who created this devilish map for an unthinking world to follow like a "sacred cow?" Will it be the countries who are "merchants of death" who sell arms to both Arabs and Israel in a supposed even-handed policy that almost resulted in the extermination of the Jewish State?

31 - Nadan Safran, Israel: the Embattled Ally ( Cambridge, MA, Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1978), p.488.
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President Nixon who had more hate for the Communist than dislike for the Jews and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger probably touched on this subject with passionate intensity. The questions are entirely too uncomfortable to think about. The U.S. immediately airs arms to Israel to forestall this dreadful eventuality. Israel, then, encircles Egypt’s third army and wins the war conclusively.

Although the most powerful Arab country in the Middle East, at the time, Egypt attempted to exterminate Israel three times in a row, "born again Christian" President Carter persecuted Israel into giving up its buffer zone in the Sinai for the third time.33 In Abba Eban’s terms, Israel was now pushed closer to the 1967 "holocaust borders."

Israeli Prime Minister Begin complained Israel’s fate as country was at stake while Carter frivolously claimed "absolutely insignificant differences" were holding up peace talks. The ultimate question is whether Carter would have negotiated his peanut farm or the security of the U.S.'s interest if Washington D.C. What if the U.S. was surrounded by terrorists and enemy states sixteen to 20 miles from its borders. "Political language," George Orwell declares "is designed to make lies sound truthful & murder respectable, & to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind."34

Begin questioned the U.S.’s one-sided approach in an ABC television interview in March 1979. This matter was also raised in a Knesset resolution on December 19, 1978.35 Egypt’s threat to attack Israel in the 1st gulf war if Israel defended itself against Iraq clearly proves the Arab "ahl al Dhimmi" mindset and determination to exterminate Israel at a more opportune time.36

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Carter’s disastrous meddling in Middle Eastern politics is today’s single most dangerous contribution to world peace. It helped oust the U.S.’s trusted ally-the Shah of Iran- in favor of a radical Islamic state. To "wipe Israel of the map" & develop nuclear arms are the overpowering obsession of Iran’s terrorist government.

The proposal for Israel to repeatedly "turn its left cheek" is a prominent feature of all lands for "peace plan." Israel under this scenario, is constantly told to return to what Israel’s ex-foreign minister Abba Ebancalled the 1967 "holocaust borders"- all in return for an empty Arab empty declaration to stop attempting to exterminate or destroy Israel by attrition.

A constant, so far, after almost a century of experience is the Arabs open desire to wipe Israel ofthe map. These, as we saw, consisted of the 1948 stillborn Israel War of Independence, the 1956 war, the1967 Six-Day War, and the 1973 Yom Kippur War. The other peripheral wars were mainly wars against terrorism & attrition. These were the 1982 Lebanon war, two intifadas, and Israel’s 2006 war against Hizbullah inLebanon. A characteristic of this last war, was the repeated shameless but typical, terrorist act of launching rocket attacks-without any regard to the Israeli civilian population from Lebanon's civilian population centers, hospitals, and homes. The standard labels of Israel as Nazis and the terrorist as victim, as usual, was part and parcel of the consistent anti-Jewish propaganda.

All these acts are perfectly consistent with the Arab desire to get revenge on the Jewish people forrejecting Muhammad as the final prophet. "The lands for peace plan," is a "lands for war" ahl al dhimmi plan to treat the Jewish people of Israel as the Arab’s "uppity niggers" who must give all the lands theywon in Arab wars of extermination back to their Arab persecutors. On a grand scale, it’s the Christian countries conscious or unconscious desire to continue the persecution of Israel for the alleged charge of"Christ killing," slander of the Jewish Bible, and Paul’s Greek reinvention of Jesus’- essentially Jewish message.

The net effect of all these wars is, of course, to politely mask another holocaust and destroy Israel. Terrorism, the two insurrections or Intifidas, the 1968 War of Attrition, the 1982 Lebanon War, and the 2006 Lebanon War are attempts to dismember and dissolve the state of Israel. This essay will end with Israel’s war on terror- a consistent Arab threat dating to the days when Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser invented the fictitious PLO under the leadership of Ahmad Shukeiry- an artificial political weapon tomake the Arab refugees from Arab countries carry the mantel to fight Israel to the death.37 This ploy was necessary-since all Arabs- under Israeli rule –until 1967-considered themselves,part of the "Arab nation"-and certainly not Palestinians.38

Arab countries, today, feel they woke up to a nightmare: they cannot believe the reborn "ahl al Dhimmi"Jewish state of Israel beat them in so many battles & wars. The reaction, for most of them results in a primitive psychological disorder. They resort to terrorism in order to keep their Jews, whom they consider their "uppity niggers" subservient to Islam.

"If you are slain or die in God’s way, forgiveness and mercy are a better thing that you amass; surely if you die or are slain, it is unto God you shall be mustered,"39 is the directive from the Koran. " And these who are slain in the way of God, He will not send their works astray. He will guide them & dispose their minds aright, and he will admit them to Paradise that he has made known to them."40

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Their last desperate hope, as a result, is to send "suicide bombers" to attack Israel: the religious promise is the fantasy of living with vestal virgins in the gardens of paradise. The remains of some of the suicide bombers indicate they protect their genitals during the blast in order to insure the viability of this fantasy in paradise-"houris"-a sociopathic perversity in a culture that holds women in the bondage of second class citizenship.

These Arab terrorists destroyed Lebanon twice. They cannot live with any Arab of different political beliefs and religious persuasion. The Christian population of Lebanon run away from them & immigrated to France and other countries; others live in isolated encampments in Lebanon.The final outrage occurred under the bigoted Iranian backed Islamic Mullah, Hassan Nassrullah, who leads what civilized people consider an anachronism, the Hizbullah, or Party of God. This group of unconscionable terrorists held Lebanon hostage. They shot rockets from hospitals and civilian population centers against civilians in northern Israel for an entire month in the summer of 2006. Israel’s defense of its civilian population led to surgical strikes against Hizbullah outposts in civilian residential areas. Following in the footsteps of the now dead, PLO President Yasir Arafat, The "Party of the Devil-" and not Hizbullah sacrificed Lebanon on the altar of its fanatical dreams.

Anti-Semites all over the world gloated with satisfaction until Hassan Nassralluh finally gave up fighting. They pointed fingers at Israel: Israelis are the criminals and the Palestinians, the victims, they declared. Nothing changed. The celebration of Arab suicide attacks against Israeli buses, discotheques, and weddings is not a thing of the past.

Those who hate Jews conveniently forget all the wars the Arab population in Israeli administered territories fought against Israel and their alliance with the Nazis since world war II. Palestinian polls indicate most of them support suicide attacks. Contrary to how the media portrays the situation and the census evidence extensively cited in this blog, the Arab population of historic Israel consists of children of illegal migrants and immigrants from Arab countries. It is time for all of the Arab countries to own up to the tragedy of essentially "Arab refugees from Arab countries" who are used in a religious ploy to attack and dismember Israel so all the Middle East will become Moslem.

Mohammad’s extermination & expulsion of Jewish tribes; the 1948 stillborn Israel War of Independence; the 1956 war; the 1967 Six-Day War; the 1973 Yom Kippur War; the 1982 Lebanon war, two intifadas, and Israel’s 2006 war against Hezbollah in Lebanon-speak centuries of suffering of Jews under the sword of Islam. The events leading up to the "holocaust" portray Jewish history as a dirge in an uncivilized West. When Mahatma Ghandi was asked once what he thought of Western civilization, he responded, "it would be a good idea." Israel should not be Sisyphus condemned to endless wars and a hypocritical and false Western & Arab "lands for war" plan disguised as "lands for peace," until it is finally wiped out of the map. The blood of Israel & the Jews is on the world’s hand. An attack on any other country in the world would be the last time a nation rose up in arms against another nation. In the battle for survival, Israel, is at this late stage, more than entitled to erase anyone from the book who attempts to rub Israel out of the world map.

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